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No PMI Loans

Recent changes to the FHA loan programs have greatly increased the cost of the FHA program.  In most cases, the FHA mortgage insurance will remain on new FHA loans for the life of the loan!  This can cost the average home owner over $47,000 over the life of the loan.

For this reason Equitable Mortgage Corporation has designed conventional mortgage options with NO PMI and a down payment as low as 5%.  Contact a professional Mortgage Banker at Equitable Mortgage Corporation today to see if you qualify for a low down payment loan with NO PMI.  Our main office number is 1-800-424-1232 or 614-764-1232.  You can even apply on-line from the comfort of your living room. 

We can offer these unique loans in all of the states in which we are licensed.  Please contact us today and see why Equitable Mortgage Corporation is the premier lender for low down payment NO PMI loans.

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