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  Welcome to Equitable Mortgage!

Equitable Mortgage is dedicated to client satisfaction.  We are a family owned business and one of Ohio's largest lenders.  We take every loan request very seriously and use our expertise to better serve you.

Equitable Mortgage has simplified the loan application process. We make it easy to Apply Online and lock your interest rate by phone. That means never leave your home and guarantee your rate lock with a professional Mortgage Banker. Apply online or call us at 1-800-424-1232.

Equitable Mortgage offers custom Jumbo Loan Programs.  No request is too big.  Let us design a home financing strategy for YOU and discover how to never pay full price for a mortgage again!


Equitable Mortgage Corporation

3530 Snouffer Rd.  Ste. 100

Columbus, Oh  43235
MB.800581, NMLS 39843









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